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  1. Use -p to indent the XML.
    1. Use -f to overwrite <out>. Otherwise you will get a warning that <out> exists.
    2. Use -ff and don't pass <out> to overwrite <in> in-place.
    3. Use - for <in> to read from STDIN.
    4. Use - for <out> to write to STDOUT. (-f and -ff don't apply.)
    5. Use -i to indent using spaces instead of tabs.
  2. Use -t to transform the XML.
    1. -f, -ff, and - for <in> and <out> work the same as above.
    2. Use - for <xslt> to read the XLST from STDIN.
      1. You cannot use - for both <xslt> and <in>.
  3. Use -v to validate the XML.
    1. Works the same as -t, except using <xsd> for the XSD file.

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